November 6, 2019

Natural grain-free cat food for cats 2019

1. The best grain-free cat food

The Wellness brand is one of several made by WellPet, LLC, though all of its products are designed to follow a holistic and natural approach to pet nutrition. Wellness cat foods are formulated by animal nutritionists and veterinarians to provide the ideal balance of carefully selected, high-quality ingredients to nourish your cat’s body for health and longevity. The CORE line of products is specifically designed without the use of grains and every recipe is focused on premium proteins like chicken, turkey, duck, salmon, venison, and lamb.

Expert reviews for the Wellness brand from Heavy and Love to Know to speak to the fact that this brand doesn’t use any artificial additives or by-products and every recipe is supplemented with probiotics for improved digestion and essential fatty acids for healthy skin and coat. Some pet owners note that even their most finicky eaters enjoy Wellness CORE grain-free foods. The Cat Digest names Wellness as one of the top 10 brands, as do many other pet food review sites.

wellness core cat food


Natural grain-free cat food for cats 2019

Pros: All recipes are naturally grain-free, formulas made with premium proteins including novel proteins like venison and duck, recipes are supplemented with probiotics for healthy digestion, a decent selection of products to choose from, no artificial additives or by-products, rich in nutrition and natural flavor

Cons: Fairly expensive (dry food costs upwards of $3 per pound), some recipes contain common proteins that may trigger food allergies in some cats (like chicken and fish), some dry foods contain plant proteins.

2. The best organic cat food brand

Even some of the top pet food brands on the market don’t use organic ingredients, but if you want to feed your cat the best of the best, an organic cat food brand may be the way to go. Our top pick for organic cat food is Castor & Pollux, a company that was founded more than twenty years ago but still remains a leader in the organic and natural pet food industry. In fact, Castor & Pollux was the first company to offer a complete line of organic pet foods.

Handcrafted in small batches to ensure nutritional quality and integrity, Castor & Pollux’s organic cat foods are made with real chicken, lamb, or salmon as the first ingredient. Every recipe offers uncompromised quality for 100% complete and balanced nutrition. This brand supplements each formula with organic flaxseed to provide omega fatty acids for skin and coat health as well as fiber to support your cat’s digestion and plenty of protein for lean muscle mass.

castor and pollux cat food


Natural grain-free cat food for cats 2019

Pros: Made with premium-quality certified-organic ingredients, both original and grain-free recipes available, recipes for adults as well as kittens and seniors, non-GMO ingredients, produced in certified organic kitchens, no low-quality fillers or by-products, high in protein

Cons: Kibbles at the bottom of the bag may break up, a limited selection of products, some recipes contain common proteins that may trigger food allergies in some cats (like chicken and fish)

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